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Missing Links and Lost Tribes of Israel
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Lost Tribes of Israel

Author: Reader Harris

Artisan Publishers is pleased to put back into print an exact reproduction of this forgotten gem from the past. The Lost Tribes of Israel written by the founder of the Pentecostal Movement in England (circa 1908) can definitely be termed an eye-opening book. The author Richard Reader Harris presents a series of addresses to his Pentecostal brethren proving they were direct descendants of the ten lost tribes of Israel!

86 Pages

Missing Links

Author: E. Raymond Capt

Could you be an Israelite and not know it? "Here's a paradox a most inguenius paradox: an anthropological fact many Christians may have much more Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of their Jewish neighbors." (1) Alfred M. Lilienthal

Could this possibly be so? If so it would mean that the majority of Christendom and the rest of society has misidentified the people most prominent in the Bible. If Israel has been misindentified there is no doubt that major errors in doctrinal interpretation and application of biblical prophecy have been made! Take a look at a truly remarkable study of Assyrian tablets that reveal the fate of the Lost Tribes of Israel. This is the book considered by most to be Capt's finest of all his vast and excellent literary achievements!

253 Pages

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