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The Mystery of the Gentiles: Who Are They and Where Are They? Ted R. Weiland
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Author: Ted Weiland

The Apostle Paul identified the Corinthians to whom he wrote his first epistle as descendants of the Israelites who departed Egypt and transversed the wilderness with Moses: "Moreover brethren I would not that ye should be ignorant how that ALL OUR FATHERS WERE UNDER THE CLOUD AND ALL PASSED THROUGH THE SEA...." I Corinthians 10:1

Paul identified these same Corinthians as gentiles: "Ye know that YE WERE GENTILES carried away unto these dumb idols even as ye were led." I Corinthians 12:2

Was Paul confused, double minded -- or did he know something that most Christians today do not know?

The Mystery of the Gentiles challenges conventional thinking concerning the identity of the principals in the Bible and the nations of the world today. Those who are unafraid to go where biblical truth may lead them are in for an eye-opening adventure.

In Acts 26 the Apostle Paul asked King Agrippa "Believest thou the prophets?" In the Mystery of the Gentiles the same question will be asked of you -- and if your answer is "yes" you will embark upon an exciting journey toward the undeniable conclusion to a mystery that could forever impact your life.

204 pages

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