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Noah\'s Ark The Evidence...The Bible, The Flood, Gilgamesh & the Mother Goddess Origins
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Author: David Allen Deal


Nearly everyone has been fixated on Mount Ararat as the location of Noah's Ark. The Bible states the Ark came to rest in the "mountains of Urartu" not "Mount Ararat."

Seventeen miles south of the Ararat volcano two-thirds of the way up on another mountain approximately 8000 feet in height is a mass of cohesive convincing evidence that the ark landed there on Mount Mashu.

Evidence even includes a 538 foot long impression of the ship's hull. Gilgamesh having visited "Mashur" described this place accurately. The city's name "Mesha" ("saved from water") is even mentioned in Genesis 10:30.

Noah's Ark was discovered 6200 feet above sea level in mid May of 1948 by a local Kurdish shepherd boy named Reshit Sarihan who lives to this day (Sept. 2000) in the village of Nisir (previously called "Nasar" but changed to "Uzengili`" after the ark was discovered. - One should take note that "Nasar" was the Babylonian name for Noah's city).

Heavy rains in May of 1948 combined with three noteworthy earthquakes exposed the ark impression from the collapsing expansive and loose mud that had entrapped it for nearly 2 thousand years revealing the ark impression standing up out of the terrain.

In Josephus' time (1st-century A.D.) the Ark of Noah was well-known because he mentions in Antiquities of the Jews that people were still visiting the place and removing pieces of bitumen from the ark for amulets against imagined evils.

Many still resist its proper identification. Turkey oddly refuses to let archaeologists excavate to scientifically determine authenticity. You can decide for yourself after reviewing the massive evidence presented in this book.

A large number of exciting photographs drawings and inscriptions would seem to verify the author's conclusions.

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Ronald Repp

Mr. Deal masterfully presents the evidence for Noah's Ark to have been found on a mountain other than Mt. Ararat.

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