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Noah\'s Flood, Joshua\'s  Long Day, And Lucifer\'s Fall,  What Really Happened?
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Author: Ralph Edward Woodrow

The author raises many of the questions that have concerned Christians for centuries. These same questions have been asked by the non-Christian skeptic in an attempt to discredit the entire Bible and label it a "book of myths".

The subjects presented in this book for scrutiny are:

  • Was the flood universal or regional?
  • Could pairs of every type of animal bird and creeping thing in the entire world fit into Noah's ark?
  • Did the Ark come to rest on the mountain that today is called "Mount Ararat"?
  • Has the Ark been frozen in ice for thousands of years?
  • Did Joshua's command to the sun cause almost a day of "missing time"?
  • Did the Sun go backwards for 40 minutes in the days of Hezekiah?
  • Was Lucifer an angel who sinned against God was cast out of Heaven and became the devil?

What really happened? Mr. Woodrow presents with Biblical evidence what he believes are the answers.

142 pages

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