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Olivet Prophecies - E Raymond Capt ...End Times (Last Days) / Rapture Questions - Answered
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Author: E. Raymond Capt

World renown Biblical archeologist and research historian E. Raymond Capt's latest book takes up the controversial and timely subject of end-times prophecy. The book is an edifying analytical commentary on the exhortations of Christ to His disciples on Mount Olive.

Mr. Capt gives us his thoughts on the meaning of Christ's words to his disciples as he responds to their questions and concerns regarding what the future held and what it would be like at the end-times or "Last Days."

So many books have been written on this subject - - many based on wild speculation and fantasy; and now Hollywood has gotten into the act with its own brand of exploitation and promotion. It seems there is no limit to what man can imagine the future will be like when that period known as the "Last Days" and "Left Behind" is upon us.

Capt's thoughtful analysis of the actual meaning of Christ's words regarding future events and the period in history when much of it would take place throws a different light on the subject. Olivet Prophecies will make the reader get out his Bible and reread those passages.

Subjects dealt with are the Rapture USA in Prophecy Who True Israel Is and the Blessing and Responsibilities of that Kingdom of God restitution of all things and endtime prophecy.

E. Raymond Capt's Olivet Prophecies is a book that could forever change the way you think about the "Last Days."

112 pages


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