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The Order Of Melchizedek A Revelation Of The King/Priest Ministry
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Author: Charles A. Jennings

The Scriptures come alive as you consider the following questions, delving into one of the most magnificent and uplifting Biblical revelations of Our LORD Jesus Christ!

  1. Who and/or what is "Melchizedek"?
  2. Who was this Melchizedek of Genesis Chapter 14 who met Abram after the battle of the kings?
  3. Where did he come from and where did he go?
  4. Does he exist today?
  5. Is Melchizedek a title or an office? If so, is it held by one man or many?

    Discover amazing revelations of the mystery of Melchizedek within the pages of this book. The principles set forth in the main text of the Holy Scriptures coupled with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit dispel the dark secrets which have for too long surrounded the profound truth of the two-fold ministry of Melchizedek, a priest upon his throne!

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