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The Origin And Early History Of Christianity - Dr. Andrew Gray [1880] Presents reliable evidence that St. Joseph of Arimathea...
The Origin And Early History Of Christianity - Dr. Andrew Gray [1880] Presents reliable evidence that St. Joseph of Arimathea...
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Author: Dr. Andrew Gray

Presents reliable evidence that St. Joseph of Arimathea established the first Christian church in Britain between 36 - 39 A.D. 

Reprint of 1880.

The long held belief that Christianity was introduced into Britain around 600 AD by St. Augustine is shown by the author to be unfounded. He presents the evidence that St. Joseph of Arimathea visited Britain around 36 to 39 AD and established the first Christian Church then called 'Culdee' where is now the West country town of Glastonbury. The author states:

The first converts are said to have been members of the royal family of Siluria. It is asserted that there were two cradles of Christianity in Britain ----'the Chrystal Isle' called by the Saxons Glaston in Somersetshire where Joseph is believed to have settled and taught; and Siluria where Churches and Schools were founded by the Silurian dynasty.

. . . This decision laid down the principle that the Churches of France and Spain were bound to give way in point of antiquity and precedency to the Church of Britain which was founded by Joseph of Arimathea 'immediatly after the passion of Christ.'

. . . Regarding this date (given by Gildas) as our starting point we have several testimonies assigning the first introduction of Christianity in or about the same year to Joseph of Arimathea.

The Culdee Church flourished for many centuries independent of Rome and knew no supremacy of the Bishop of Rome held no dogmas concerning the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary nor the "Infallibility of the Pope". In short it was far from being a "Roman Church." Gray:

We possess evidence that Churches were erected in Britain before the close of the second century and whatever direction our investigations take we find authority for the statement that the Church of Joseph of Avalon or Glastonbury was the first and oldest of them all many affirming that it was the oldest or senior Church in the whole world.

Dr. Gray has painstakingly researched the material covered in this informative, and exciting historical study and has carefully substantiated the results.

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