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THE ORIGINS & EMPIRE OF ANCIENT ISRAEL - Steven M. Collins - 280 pages
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Author: Steven M. Collins

This is Book One of a series of four books that give us a fresh look at the early history of Israel ... with special emphasis on the little-known and immensely important events that helped to shape our modern world. Here is the untold story evidence that God's People visited distant lands in Europe and America in ancient times.

The central theme of this book is the biblical Covenant which God made with the Patriarchs and their descendants. This included the biblical promise of numerous descendants who would build powerful wealthy nations. This exciting story is told with the aid of over 100 maps charts and illustrations.

The book begins with the call of Abraham and the elements of the unconditional Covenant which God made with the Patriarchs and their descendants. Strong evidence is presented that the real Mt. Horeb on which Moses and the Israelites received the Torah and made a covenant with God is not in Egypt's Sinai desert but rather in another location identified both in the Bible and by physical evidence existing to this day.

The role of the Israelite tribes in the ancient Sea Peoples is shown to parallel accounts about them in the book of Judges. This book then reveals new information about King David the warrior king who united the tribes of Israel made lasting ties with Tyre and Sidon and built an Israelite Empire. Both the Bible and secular history contain evidence that David's forces crushed the Assyrian Empire (which fueled Assyria's desire for revenge upon Israel in later centuries). Greek historians discussed much about the power of the Phoenician Empire from about 1100-700 B.C. and they identified the land of Israel as being part of the homeland of Phoenicia's Empire. Much evidence is offered that the Phoenician Empire was in fact the Empire of Israel and its allies from Tyre and Sidon.

This book documents that the Israelites were not only major players in ancient history but actually became the leading powers on earth under Kings David and Solomon. When it is realized that the Israelite tribes had major roles in that time it becomes easier for the reader to understand that the ten tribes have also had major roles in the world's geopolitics from that time forward.

280 Pages


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