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Petra &  As Birds Flying... (Also Available On DVD)
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Author: Covenant Productions by E. Raymond Capt

Mr. Capt has combined two of his favorite subjects having to do with Bible prophecy in this 55+ minute video. First he takes you on a pictorial visit to Mt. Seir rediscovered after a thousand years. This was the ancient home of the Edomites a people intermittently woven across the pages of the Bible. You will view the amazing temples carved from the sandstone cliffs. Known as "Sela" in the time of Abraham Petra can be seen as the fulfillment of prophecy.

Then he proceeds on to As Birds Flying the incredible story of the capture of Jerusalem in December 1917 by British forces under General Allenby. What makes it so incredible is that the aircraft of the Royal Flying Corps played such a major part in this famous incident "as birds flying" completing a major phase of Biblical prophecy written two thousand five hundred years earlier.

Video (57 Min.)      ...Standard  VHS....ALSO Available on PAL (VHS) for our European customers....please add the letters "PAL" in the comment box when ordering for this special VHS tape.



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