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The Phinehas Hoods -  Evangelist Ted R. Weiland
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Author: Ted R. Weiland

The Phinehas Hoods - A Biblical Examination of Unscriptural Vigilantism is a small booklet that disagrees with those in some Christian circles who promote the idea of a modern day Phinehas Priesthood.

In this short (26 page) booklet Ted Weiland denies the existence of a God-ordained Phinehas Priesthood operating today. He re-names those who identify themselves as Phinehas Priests calling them instead "Phinehas Hoods."

He takes to task those promoting the idea of a modern day Phinehas Priesthood faithfully using the Scriptures to show where they have made assumptions based on what they thought the Bible said on this subject rather than what the Bible actually does say.

Evangelist Weiland considers this to be false teaching and believes it has caused much harm to the true Christian-Israel message. By writing The Phinehas Hoods he proves citing passage and verse the error of those who promote this teaching which he believes is a very small minority in the Christian- Israel movement.

26 pages

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