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PYRAMIDOLOGY III - Adam Rutherford (rare hardbound 660 pgs - England)
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Author: Adam Rutherford   - Rare England - Brand New!

According to Mr. Rutherford this work was written for "the man in the street" and the technical research worker. The results of the latest archaeological discoveries of a chronological nature are reported the scientific methods of testing chronology are demonstrated and the explanations given in simple language.

Both for handy reference and as an aid to study chronological tables are provided covering all the ages from the earliest times right down to the Christian Era. Throughout the long period of over 14 centuries from the Exodus to the Christian Era the table is laid out to the scale 1/2 inch = 1 year. Each year is divided into four quarters so that the accurate conversion of a date from one system of dating to another is readily obtainable at a glance and this is especially advantageous in studying synchronisms particularly in those cases where the systems involved have different year beginnings.

This volume contains over 100 full-page illustrations and diagrams as well as some smaller ones. The majority of the illustrations are reproductions of photographs taken by the authors son James Rutherford who also prepared most of the diagrams for the printer.

660 pages

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