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Pyramidology Book l - Adam Rutherford (rare hardbound 232 pgs - England)
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Author: Adam Rutherford

The object of this Book is four-fold:

  1. to give enquirers who know nothing of the subject an idea of the great weight of evidence and amazing facts in support of the conclusions of Pyramidology
  2. To provide a simple explanation for beginners in the study of Pyramidology
  3. To provide the experts with the most recent [1957] research to date
  4. To supply keen Pyramid students with a book which they can circulate widely in order to spread the wonderful message of the Great Pyramid.

By God's grace may this grand message of the Great Pyramid which is the Divine blue-print and the Bible in stone bring assurance and peace to many who may be in perplexity of mind in these modern days of tension.

Adam Rutherford
29th September 1957.

NOTE: This book contains a special page at the front of the book pertaining to the year 1979 as being perceived by the author as the year of the end of the Old Order and the beginning of the Millennium. Although this event did not take place in 1979 it is felt one should not lose interest in the Message of the Great Pyramid and the writer of this special page gives his reasons for the position he takes.

232 pages

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