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Pyramidology Book lV  -  Adam Rutherford (rare hardbound 400 pgs - England)
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Author: Adam Rutherford

In this volume Mr. Rutherford has endeavored to give both a comprehensive up-to-date history of the Great Pyramid and of Pyramidology in order to supply students of the Pyramid and the Bible with fuller information on these subjects in a convenient form.

To quote the author:

:As Pyramidology primarily pertains to the decoding or interpretation of the Great Pyramid and the proclamation of its Message the history of it is limited to modern times whereas that of the Great Pyramid itself as a monument extends back over 4500 years to the time of its erection and the preparation for its construction. Therefore logically the latter ought to be dealt with first as is done in this book. So this volume really contains two separate books which have been defined as PARTS I and II respectively. So in the nature of things PART I is largely comprised of history and Egyptology with the associated Pyramidography.

"PART II on the other hand portrays in chronological order the discoveries and the unfolding of the science of Pyramidology. The closing chapters deal with the present [1972] situation in the World and the final outcome and elucidates the details regarding the Second Advent of Christ as revealed in the Bible and the Great Pyramid. Appropriately the final chapter reveals the glories of Pyramidology today. I trust that these chapters in particular will bring enlightenment and comfort not only to the saints but also to many who are perplexed because of the present state of things in the World.

NOTE: This book contains a special page at the front of the book pertaining to the year 1979 as being perceived by the author as the year of the end of the Old Order and the beginning of the Millennium. Although this event did not take place in 1979 it is felt one should not lose interest in the Message of the Great Pyramid and the writer of this special page gives his reasons for the position he takes.

400 pages

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