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The Real Meaning of The Rich Man and Lazarus
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Author: Charles A. Jennings

Was it literal or Figurative?

The portion of Scripture which is examined in this booklet is extremely important in the Word of God. It is vital to the sincere student of Scripture to properly understand the true meaning of this narrative of Jesus. The meaning that our Savior sets forth in Luke 16:19-31 so perfectly fits in with so many other passages. It is imperative that we make an honest examination of this portion of inspired writing and discover its true meaning, because so many ideas and doctrines have been based upon it. So many dogmatic beliefs and dramatic sermons have been presented that have not done justice to the text or to the whole context of our Lord’s words.

This story concerning the rich man and Lazarus has been appealed to in order to support several self-styled beliefs about the nature and destiny of man. These beliefs have been held so strongly for so long that they have become orthodox doctrine for many saints, yet without additional Biblical support. Usually when one dares to depart from the generally accepted views concerning this passage, he is considered a heretic in the first degree. It is here where the old adage applies; “Wonderful things in the Bible I see, that were put there by you and by me.”

Unfortunately, there may be many readers of this booklet that are so adamant in their present misunderstanding of this passage that they will refuse to change their minds. For them, old mental paradigms and religious comfort zones will dominate and control the interpretation and inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.

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