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Author: Evangelist Ralph Woodrow

Did scientists accidentally drill a hole into Hell? Are fossilized human footprints found alongside those of a dinosaur in a riverbed near Glen Rose Texas? How did one man convince vast numbers of people that he had obtained a piece of wood from Noah's Ark when it really came from the railroad tracks behind his house? Was Aimee Semple McPherson buried with a live telephone?

Do cosmetic companies use aborted babies in their products? Do companies like Procter & Gamble support Satanism and include Satanic messages in their logos? Do certain streets in Washington D.C. form an occult pentagram? Is the Washington monument a phallic symbol? Did Ronald Reagan as the first president to take an oath of office facing this monument fulfill a "secret" Jesuit sign?

Did Nostradamus predict Hitler's rise to power in Germany and the death of Princess Diana? Why did Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev say "We will bury you"?

Is every Bible version (except the King James Version) a "perversion"--put out by the "New Age" movement? What about the "Bible Code"? Are buzzards multiplying at an unprecedented rate in Israel? Have stones been secretly cut in Indiana for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem? Did the U.S. government accidentally mail out Social Security checks that required a mark in the hand or forehead for cashing? Have earthquakes increased during the last 50 years?

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