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Restitution of all Things

Author: G. R. Hawtin

Is there coming a time of universal restoration and reconciliation in which all things will be restored? The author believes there will come such a time and shows just how he believes this will be done in the future. The author takes issue with those who teach and preach about a place called "hell" where those who reject Christ will spend eternity in abject misery and torment forever suffering the terrible agony of a fire that will not and cannot be quenched.

46 Pages

Olivet Prophecies

Author: E. Raymond Capt

World renown Biblical archeologist and research historian E. Raymond Capt's latest book takes up the controversial and timely subject of end-times prophecy. The book is an edifying analytical commentary on the exhortations of Christ to His disciples on Mount Olive.

Mr. Capt gives us his thoughts on the meaning of Christ's words to his disciples as he responds to their questions and concerns regarding what the future held and what it would be like at the end-times or "Last Days."

123 Page

Stone Kingdom

Author: E. Raymond Capt

Mr. Capt's latest book on prophecy. This is the long awaited companion to "The U.S.A. In Bible Prophecy".

The Stone Kingdom is not simply a dominant Kingdom as were the previous empires. It is to be a Universal Kingdom the Kingdom of God on Earth and will rule until all creation unites to ascribe "Blessing and honour and glory and power be unto him that sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb for ever and ever." (Rev. 5:13)

Stone Kingdom casts new light on the mysteries surrounding the Kingdom Parables of Matthew and the Old Testament.

249 Pages

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