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The Revelation Of St. John The Divine - William Pascoe Goard
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Author: William Pascoe Goard

An outline of the plan and teaching of the Book of Revelation often called one of the most difficult to understand books in the Bible.

Believing in the unity of Revelation as recorded in the Bible the author regards the Apocalypse as the proper continuation of the Gospel narratives concerning our Lord and offers a suggestive title to the same namely "The Fifth Gospel." That there is some claim to such a title for this book is clear from the unfinished character of the four Gospels.

The prophecies of the Old Testament and the Gospels themselves recognize Jesus Christ as Prophet Priest and King. Whatever we may consider the Gospels of the prophetic and priestly ministry of Christ they do not tell us anything of His exalted ministry as King. Mr. Goard recognizes that the Apocalypse reveals the kingly ministry of Jesus and while other writers have suggested the same it has been his unique work in carrying out in a general and most suggestive outline this central idea in his interpretation of this book.

The author wisely doesn't try to give an explanation to every detail because of insufficient evidence to substantiate a reliable interpretation in some cases. However the uniqueness of his point of view and honesty in that which he does explain has produced a work that is regarded as a most valuable contribution to Biblical exposition in a field if not neglected in the past then sensationalised by faulty interpretations.

112 pages

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