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Rotherham\'s Emphasized Bible - Joseph Rotherman translation
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Joseph Rotherman translation

The EMPHASIZED BIBLE by Joseph Rotherham is a unique tool for biblical study that includes features not found in any other English translation. It gives the English reader of the Bible the same advantage as the student of Hebrew and Greek--a knowledge of the exact meaning, proper terminology, and linguistic style of the original languages--all readily accessible on each page.

Rotherham's analysis of the text utilizes numbered divisions to indicate sentence and paragraph structure and indentations to indicate narrative, biblical speech, and poetry. The emphasis upon particular words or phrases within the text is marked by a unique system of symbols and indentations that indicate the emphasis in the original languages as well as mark transitions from narrative to speech, and poetic parallelism.

Comments on alternate readings readings in the original text are included in brief footnotes. Where various readings exist, the author indicates where the readings differ among themselves, thereby affording valuable insights into the transmission of the text.

The introductory chapters include helpful discussions on the original text of the Bible and the translation of the name of God in the Old Testament. Also included is a selected topical commentary on biblical terms such as covenant, hades, and spirit.

"In its class, it is incomparable; and it constitutes one of the most valuable contributions to Bible study ever conceived. Features of this original and reliable work [are] not to be found in any other translations.-- Dr. Herbert Lockyer

"No other single volume so adequately presents the Bible's own analysis of itself." -- North Star Baptist

"The whole [effect] is to enable us to read in English and produce the very same effect as reading the Hebrew....It puts the English scholar on a level, as nearly as possible, with the Hebrew." -- The Expository Times

"A great Contribution to Bible study."--Dr. A. T. Pierson

"This unique translation of the Scriptures is to enable the English reader the same advantage as the student of Hebrew and Greek. Its purpose is to set forth the exact meaning, the proper terminology, and the graphic style of the sacred original." -- Voice Magazine

JOSEPH BRYANT ROTHERHAM, nineteenth-century pastor and Bible scholar, first published an "emphasized" New Testament in 1872. In 1901 he published a complete translation of the Bible utilizing the same scheme of emphasis as keys to both the original Greek and Hebrew.

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