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Sacred Secrets of the  Sovereignty of God  Who is in charge?
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Author: James Walter Bruggeman.


Can God's plan be hindered by man's free will?

Can we even be certain that man has free will?

Philosophers theologians and ordinary people have pondered these important questions for centuries--with conflicting answers. Bruggeman delves into great detail and shows in layman's language how the Bible answers these and other critical questions. If you have wondered just how sovereign is the God you worship you will find the definitive answers within these pages.

"Is one saved by grace or election? Why does God allow horrible things to happen to decent people? Is God responsible for evil? What is the difference between foreknowledge and predestination? ...Bruggeman has uncovered what the patriarchs understood what the prophets taught and what the apostles revealed...By Bruggeman's hand the Gospel the good news of the kingdom is revealed in all of its glory...Prepare to be blessed in knowledge and understanding of how great our God really is. READ ON!"

_____from the Foreward by E. Raymond Capt

"Bruggeman recognizes the awesome magnificence of God's sovereignty and approaches this subject with the assurance that it is God who is in charge. This work is the first of a triology and serves as an introduction to God's sacred secrets. It will open your eyes to the real peace that Jesus promised and to the certainty of a glorious future for all creation."

_____from the introduction by Jo Anne Mead

"This is a seminal work on the subject of free will."

_____Ron Oja

352 pages

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