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Secrets Of Time In Prophecy
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Author: Dr. Stephen E. Jones

This book relates how God has given us a revelation of timing. It is not just a boring study of chronology - it is a study of the Laws of Time by which God judges nations - and individuals. One of the finest books on prophecy in todays market.

Without question one of the finest books on Biblical timing numbers and prophecy found anywhere in the literary world today. From beginning to end it never sags or lacks for interest. According to Dr. Jones in his Preface his overall purpose in writing the book:

" to portray the Sovereignty of God in history."

His secondary purpose is to give to the reader:

" overall view of the structure of history as viewed from a Biblical perspective. Everything is orderly...nothing happens by do not determine history; God does. Nations rise and fall according to His decrees as Nebuchadnezzar discovered the hard way in the 4th chapter of Daniel. No monarch stands above the Law of God nor can he withstand the irreversible judgment of God when the day of his visitation has arrived."

His third purpose (not the least important) is to instill within the heart of the reader:

"...a burning desire to know God more to be more fully conformed to His Image and Likeness and to catch the vision of the Feast of Tabernacles."

A literal cornucopia of Biblical and historical information rarely found in modern Christian writings...and written with the utmost care to detail. Mr. Jones has been blessed with an analytical mind that has served him well as he has gone about the task of assembling a massive volume of material and then communicating it in such a clear and simple manner that even the newest Christian can grasp how God has worked out His great plan for His creation throughout the centuries and continues to do so even today.

Here is just a sample from an exhaustive list faithfully supported with illuminating facts of the topics he covers in this amazing book:

  • Chronology from Adam To Modern Times
  • The 430 Years Between the Two Covenants
  • The Biblical Meaning of Numbers
  • 120 Jubilees and the Holy Spirit
  • Cursed Time for the Earth and Canaan
  • Proof of the 385 - Year Cycle
  • Astrological Events and Celebrations of 3 - 2 BC
  • Daniel's 70 week Ended in 33 AD
  • The three 40-Year Trial Periods
  • Jacob's Trouble Fulfilled in the Modern Nations
  • The Great Babylonian Captivity in the Twentieth century
  • Over 50 Charts and Lists

A most remarkable comprehensive study of prophecy . . . how it all develops and culminates according to God's timetable and purpose.

Perfect Bound 8 1/2 x 11
234 pages

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