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Songs of the Kingdom - Edith B. Dean  [Set Vols. II and III]
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Author: Edith B. Dean


From the days of the Temple singing has been a part of the worship of Yahweh's people. Hebrew temple worship was characterized by the singing of professional singers and the congregation accompanied by all types of instruments. Singing in the Spirit is the expression of the holy emotions of the soul of man by which aspirations are enobled and elevated. The depth of character and religious experience possessed by any people are revealed in the language and spirit of their songs and hymns.

In the early congregations of Israel the praises of the Creator ascended in their public worship to the sacred name of Yahweh - the name penned by the holy prophets the name above all names which the heavenly Father chose for Himself. The sacred name Yahweh has been used in nearly all the songs in this book as expressing the nearest English pronunciation of the inspired original Hebrew YHWH. This form is attested to by such notable Bible translators as Rotherham Smith & Goodspeed Moffatt Webster's Unabridged Dictionary and other texts. How can we glorify His name when it has been consistently edited out of the Bible so that the people should not know it? (Isa. 43:27)

The name of our personal Saviour is rendered as Yahshua which I believe to be the nearest English equivalent of the inspired Hebrew name which the Angel announced to Mary His mother. The name and titles commonly used throughout the religious world today are of pagan origin so I have sought to honor the heavenly Father and Son with their true inspired names. (See Ps. 68:4 83:18 Isa. 42:8 Ezek. 39:7)

In order that the Anglo-Saxon Israel children of Yahweh might have songs free of pagan names untainted by Babylonian doctrines we send forth this book. In its preparation we have endeavored to follow the instructions of the Apostle Paul in Col.3:16: "Teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to Yahweh." Whenever possible the exact words of the Scripture have been used throughout.

So unto the all-wise Creator whose name alone is Yahweh and to His offspring the Anglo-Saxon people regathered in America the Land of Promise (IISam. 7:10) we do most humbly dedicate "songs of The Kingdom" with the prayer that His kingdom shall speedily come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Edith B. Dean

Set Vols. II and III.

81/2"x11" Spiral Comb Bound

Vol. II 50 pages
Vol. III 86 pages

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