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The Soul Of Cambria - E. J. Macaulay -  romantic novel of a period when Christianity was in it\'s infancy in Britain.
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Author: E. J. Macaulay

The author takes scattered fragments of legends and blends them with secular and Biblical history to produce this beautiful and romantic novel of a period when Christianity was in it's infancy in Britain.

The historical and Biblical names of hero's and heroines in the days of Caradoc King of Siluria 36 A.D. have survived the centuries. Caradoc was later renamed Caractacus following his capture and confinement in Rome...and his daughter Gladys became Claudia.

Whatever may or may not have been in the lives of those who centuries ago passed "within the veil" they some cases after martyrdom...Eternal Life. One and all seem to have stood staunchly in the faith they had accepted and in Him they believed and loved unto death. They were willing to surrender life itself rather than surrender to those who demanded they renounce their ideals.

This book although fiction nonetheless is based on certain facts of both secular and Biblical history. It brings to life in an exciting and thrilling way the characters and the period in which they lived...making many readers aware for the first time St. Paul's relationship with the British royal family of the Silurian King Caradoc from which came many of the first martyrs for Christ mentioned in the Bible.

128 pages

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