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Stone Of Destiny (DVD)*  E. Raymond Capt - The stone did not remain lost in the wilderness of Luz but...
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Author: Covenant Productions by E. Raymond Capt

This is a visual presentation of the stone upon which Jacob rested his head when he dreamed of a ladder set up on earth with the top reaching to heaven. The stone did not remain lost in the wilderness of Luz but continued to play an important part in the destiny of Jacob's descendants.

This video traces the history and movements of the stone of destiny as a type of Christ and a symbol of the everlasting throne of David and its relationship with the Davidic throne line right up to the present day.

DVD (45 Min)

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*PLEASE NOTE: The E. Raymond Capt DVDs were copied from the original VHS videos which were produced in the 1970s and 1980s when the production techniques were not as sophisticated as today's. However the quality of the material presented is of the highest standard with each subject thoroughly explored and explained. Excellent not only for private viewing but also for Bible study groups and family and friends.

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