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The Stones Cry Out - God\'s Best Kept Secrets...Hidden in Stone - Bonnie Gaunt
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Author: Bonnie Gaunt

Stones have been the most permanent and time-enduring objects used by man to record his existence on this planet. Ancient structures such as the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge have endured through more than 4000 years hiding their secrets of ancient wisdom.

The author takes her title for this well researched book from the words of Jesus as He approached Jerusalem riding on a young colt. The people along the way believing the long-promised kingdom . . . the kingdom of which the ancient prophets had spoken . . . seemed almost within reach and the new king was this very one riding the colt . . . were caught up in the excitement.

They began laying their garments on the path to give him a royal welcome and to shout "Hosanna to the Son of David: blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord." There were some in the crowd who rebuked them for their shouting. Then Jesus who sat on the colt exclaimed" If these should hold their peace the stones would immediately cry out."

Mrs. Gaunt believes this was not an incidental choice of words that stones have been the mouthpiece God has used to speak to man the instrument He has used to first conceal and then reveal His plan of the Ages. A plan that touches all of our lives as she states it:

"Throughout His written word no less than 55 times He calls Himself the Rock. This same symbol of power strength endurance and everlastingness is similarly given to Jesus Christ more than 25 times.

"The symbol is telling us something magnificent! The search for the understanding of it is a glorious quest for it gives us an insight into the mind of the Creator and into the laws that form the very foundation of the universe."

Some of the stones covered in this book are: the Great Pyramid and it's interior and passages; the Circle of Stones; the twelve stones of Gilgal; Stonehenge and it's relationship to the Great Pyramid; Sarsen Circle - Jesus Christ; Aubrey Circle - time line; Stonehenge axis; St. Edward's Chair in Westminister Abbey; ancient Israel's coronation stone; Jacob's pillow stone; Jacob's stone - Jesus Christ; the Shepherd Stone and the earth-moon model; water from the rock - Jesus Christ; and many many more stone revelations to help the reader to understand God's wonderful plan of the Ages.

146 pages

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