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The Story of Celto - Saxon Israel [HARDBOUND]
The Story of Celto - Saxon Israel [HARDBOUND] The Story of Celto - Saxon Israel [HARDBOUND]


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This is the story of a missing branch of God's chosen people, the Israelites. Ten tribes of the northern Hebrew kingdom of "Ephraim" were conquered, taken into captivity by the Assyrians in the eight century, B.C., and never heard from again. Jewish and Christian scholars have long speculated on their disappearance, and Christ in the New Testament alluded to their continuing existence. Where did they go? Historian and scholar, W.H. Bennett, a long-time Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, spent fifty years following their trail. He examined leads such as language, heraldry, culture, and prophecy fulfillment, solving at last the mystery of their disappearance from the Middle-East scene, and their identification in the world today. Over 175 maps, charts, and illustrations, as well as twelve valuable appendices, help tell the story of these lost Israelites. The information contained in this book is an important key to understanding the fulfillment of the Biblical promises and covenants in our modern world.

Hardbound....(paperback is now out of print)


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