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Strange Parallel (VHS - VIDEO) Israel Tribe of Zebulun found<br>in the Netherlands!(Also available on PAL (VHS) for Europe)
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Author: Covenant Productions by E. Raymond Capt

Visit the land of windmills dykes and tulips as you discover a remarkable parallel between the Dutch and their country and Jacob's blessing to his son Zebulon and what he saw in the future for his descendants.In this video you are taken on a visit to the land of windmills, dykes, and tulips as you discover a remarkable parallel between the Dutch, their beautiful country, and Jacob's blessings to his son Zebulon.

As Jacob was giving to Zebulon his blessings he described what would befall his descendants in the future. The word "Zebulon" in Hebrew is composed of three letters ZAIN meaning "hook" BEITH meaning a home or dwelling and LAMED meaning movement. Together we have "a dwelling - that hooks up water - with movement" . . . which when the word "water" is added perfectly describes a windmill. Many other parallels of significance are shown in this video.,

Video (44 Min.)

           ...Standard  VHS....ALSO Available on PAL (VHS) for our European customers....please add the letters "PAL" in the comment box when ordering for this special VHS tape.

DVD version also available.
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