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The Struggle for the Birthright - Dr. Stephen Jones - As timely as today\'s newspapers
The Struggle for the Birthright - Dr. Stephen Jones - As timely as today's newspapers
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Author: Dr. Stephen Jones

The dispute over that thin strip of land called Palestine and Israel has been the single issue in the past fifty years that is dragging the world into disaster. Many Christians have seen this great conflict by reading the Bible but very few really understand how God views it.

The Birthright itself contains two parts one given to Judah the other to Joseph. The Struggle for the Birthright primarily focuses upon the portion given to Judah. It shows from the divine law and from history how God divided Judah itself into two groups pictured as baskets of figs one obedient to God and the other disobedient. The prophet Jeremiah clearly tells us the mind and will of God and how the inheritance in the old land was conditional upon submission to the divine judgement for sin. The divine law itself gives the conditions by which they would be allowed to return to the land.

These conditions were violated not only in Jeremiah's day but again in the first century resulting in God's judgement upon Jerusalem for a second time. This "iron yoke" captivity continued until the twentieth century when the Zionist movement was formed. Modern Zionism advocated Jews reversing the dispersion without fulfilling the conditions laid down in the divine law for a lawful return. Hence their return to the old land was not done in the spirit of Christian love and justice.

The Middle East is soon coming to a violent climax that will resolve these issues and replace both sides of the conflict with an unexpected third solution God's Kingdom


In 2003 Dr. Jones finished his fourth large book.. This book filled the natural gap left by the previous book, showing how the modern Israeli state is NOT what most Christians think it is. It is NOT the fulfillment of the prophecies of the regathered House of Israel, whose tribes were carried into Assyria from 745-721 B.C. Calling that modern state "Israel" is a clear case of mistaken identity, for it is only an attempt by Zionists to establish God's Kingdom by means of violence and apart from Jesus Christ. The story goes back to the conflict between Jacob and Esau, but this book traces the history of the birthright and the dominion mandate through history to the present time. The book is important in that it exposes the counterfeit Kingdom of God that was to become manifest before the REAL was established.

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BS00282 The Struggle for the Birthright dr.stephen jones, the struggle for the birthright Dr.Stephen Jones

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