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STUDY IN HOSEA - [Howard Rand] Clearly sets forth the distinction between the House of Israel & the House of Judah
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Author: Howard B. Rand

For the first time a book has appeared that provides a complete exposition of the writings of the Prophet Hosea the best known of the minor prophets. All the vital truths pertaining to God's plan concerning His Kingdom and its future greatness are presented in full detail in Study in Hosea. Those seeking a clearly-stated definition of terms in relation to the people of His Kingdom will discover that this book contains the exegesis that will help them most. It will also meet the requirements of those looking for a fundamental treatise explaining basic Scriptural facts.

While Hosea is numbered among the minor prophets because of the brevity of his book in the Bible its message is by no means secondary in importance. In graphic sometimes symbolic terms Hosea tells the story of the rejection the punishment the regathering and the ultimate restoration of the House of Israel. In one bold sweep across the centuries beginning with the dispersion of the House of Israel and climaxing in their redemption the resurrection of their rulers and the restoration of the Kingdom followed by universal peace and prosperity the prophet provides a telescopic preview of the march of the House of Israel down through the pages of history.

This prophet clearly sets forth the distinction between Israel and Judah and justifies God's dealings with His people in judgment. If any doubt remains concerning the division of the people of the Kingdom of God into two separate entities...the House of Israel and the House of Judah...and the identification of the Anglo-Saxon Celtic peoples with the House of Israel today, a careful study of Hosea's prophecies should settle the question beyond refutation. They also make possible a more comprehensive understanding of why God allowed Israel to be carried captive into Assyria than may be found anywhere else in the Scriptures.

Marking the downward steps in the great apostasy in Israel and seeing the glory of the Lord leave His people Hosea used another and more spectacular analogy to forecast the years of bitter tribulation the House of Israel would be compelled to endure. He predicted their national demise in terms of the "burial"" of the House of Israel in the "graveyard" of Assyrian captivity. Nevertheless under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the prophet looked forward to the day when they would be ransomed from the grave and live again in God's sight.

In vision he beheld their future deliverance when the House of Israel the unfaithful wife will be forgiven and the handwriting of the bill of divorcement will be blotted out. Thus Hosea was rewarded with advance knowledge concerning the glorious reunion of the people of the Kingdom with their God in the coming day of restoration.

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