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Study in Isaiah - [Howard Rand 1955] - Hardbound 810 pgs.
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Author: Howard B. Rand

Mr. Rand first started writing Study in Isaiah in 1955. The first three chapters appeared in "Destiny magazine" for February April and June 1956 and the next three chapters appeared in "Destiny Magazine"; for August September and December 1957 as articles.

Following Mr. Rand's death on October 17 1991 the Staff at Destiny Publishers found his handwritten manuscript on Isaiah commencing with Chapter VII through Chapter XLIV.

After many months of deciphering his handwriting they produced this book and though not a complete coverage of the work of Isaiah they believe we will find it most inspiring. However the reader should take into account the time element when it was first written which was from 1955 and on.

Because Mr. Rand considered Isaiah such an important book of the Bible many of his books and pamphlets expound portions of the chapters in Isaiah.

Hardback with dust cover
810 pages


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