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Three Days And Three Nights --Reconsidered
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Author: Ralph Woodrow

This book explains why the author could no longer in good conscience hold the Wednesday/Saturday view concerning Christ's burial and resurrection. Why does only one verse say "three days and three nights" and 20 verses say "the third day" or "in three days"?

This book by Ralph Woodrow resulted from the author's own experience of reversing a long-held position. Written in a "Woodrow versus Woodrow" format this book shows how a doctrine may sound good and yet not be good sound doctrine. Interwoven also within the basic theme of this book are principles of interpretation emphasis and attitude.

Among questions answered are the following:

  • Was a time period of three days and three nights the only sign Jesus gave that he was the Messiah?
  • When Jesus spoke of "the heart of the earth" did he mean the tomb in which his body would be placed?
  • Does the Bible ever mention a "high day sabbath"?
  • Figuring that a day ends at sundown how can we explain the wording "in the end of the sabbath as it began to dawn..."?

      56 pages

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