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TIME and the  Bible\'s Number Code  An Exciting Confirmation  of God\'s Time-Line for Man!
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Author: Bonnie Gaunt

Bonnie Gaunt has been researching God's time-line for man for most of her lifetime. But this book is not a dry treatise on chronology. It is an exciting display of the magnificent planning of the Great Mathematician who designed our Universe and lovingly made a home for the man that he created - our Earth.

The patterns of the Number Code and the patterns of time tell a beautiful story and confirm our place today in His plan.

The long-awaited return of Jesus and the establishing of His Kingdom of peace and righteousness in the Earth becomes apparent in the patterns and number that He has hidden in His Word. We live in a marvelous day - the day that the prophets of old desired to see.

Confirming the time by the Number Code and the beautiful Golden Proportion is the exciting theme of this book. It will lift the reader to new heights of awareness.

205 pages

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