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Traditions of Glastonbury Isle of Iona
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Tradition of Glastonbury

Author: E. Raymond Capt

The silent years of Jesus between 12 and 30 and an examination of the historical records concerning Joseph of Arimathea the great uncle of Jesus as a provencial Roman Senator and metal merchant. It was rumored that he owned many of the merchant ships that came to England from Rome and Phoenicia to barter for metal and other goods.

Did Jesus accompany his uncle to this isle of the west? Mr. Capt reveals that there is substantial evidence to support that he did.

136 pages

Isle of Iona

Author: E. Raymond Capt

Very few people are familiar with the name Iona but once it was one of the best loved names in Christendom. It is a little island in the midst of the Innera Hebrides or Western islands of Scotland. It is noteworthy that the Hebrew name for Dove is Iona and in Latin Columbia for under the influence of a man by the name of St. Columbia the glory and renown of Iona blossomed into full glory. It developed into the most famous center of Celtic Culdee Christianity the mother community from whence missionaries were dispatched for the conversion of the pagan tribes in Scotland and Northern England.

160 pages

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