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How To Be Your Own Best Acupuncturist  Acupuncture by the Book...(Needleless)
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Author: Dr. Jack Janway

Introduction to Acupuncture

Last year approximately one million Americans died while receiving adequate proper medical care. I am not referring to medical mistakes incorrect medications or any other wrongdoing by doctors nurses or hospitals. One million people died who received the best medical care in America. Health care (actual treatment) is a commodity for sale but health itself cannot be purchased. Acute and chronic disease in America is at an all time high as is the cost of health care.

The modern doctor's capabilities are restrained by the modern patient's every day choices between health and disease. The average American lifestyle consists of inadequate rest, high stress, low fiber intake and excessive over consumption of fats, sugars, and proteins. Some add smoking, substance abuse, and/or no exercise which all add up to create dysfunction and disease in our bodies. This occurs at a rate faster than medical care can restore it resulting in the deaths mentioned above despite the efforsts of medical professionals to prevent it. You, not your doctor have the greatest influence and capability of creating good health in your body.

This book was written for those who recognize and believe this and wish to take a greater interest in their own personal health care. Learning Meridian Therapy (Acupuncture) can be an excellent step to help correct lifestyle inadequacies and move forward to better health.

By learning and using acupuncture your ability to solve health problems may help you avoid becoming one of the statistics mentioned earlier. Although you may be receiving standard medical care or have access to it you simply cannot expect physicians to somehow eliminate disease and create health if you continually interfere with their efforts by poor lifestyle choices. The healthier you are if you are exposed to disease the more likely you are to recover.

Acupuncture can easily become a life long endeavor of learning and mastering skills to a higher and higher level of excellence. There is a science in acupuncture but even modern medicine is referred to as the "Art and Science of Medicine." Nothing is all conclusive. Above all it is the artist who becomes excellent not the scientist. Regardless of what paths you choose for your future study the science become the artist and be "most excellent."

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