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Your Heritage - By Bertrand L. Comparet
Your Heritage - By Bertrand L. Comparet


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Your Heritage

By Bertrand L. Comparet

Much is heard in this day of the word ANTI-SEMITIC The word is a creation of
the modern Pharisees who are anti-Christian. The purpose of the creation was to
"smear" or blacken the name or reputation of Christians seeking to protect and
defend their faith from the onslaughts of those who would destroy it.
The word "Semitic" is derived from the patriarch Shem, and is correctly applied
to people descended from him. All true Israelites (NOT Jews, as this booklet
shows) are therefore Semites; and today these are the great White Christian
nations of the Western World. The Jews (as the second half of this booklet
shows) are not Semitic at all, as their Canaanite and Khazar ancestors were not
descendants of Shem. Their smear accusation "anti-Semitic" against all who
oppose Jewish seizure of Palestine is, therefore, false. (Indeed, the Arabs - who
are half Semitic - can truthfully accuse the Jews of anti-Semitism!)
That fact is quite obvious. It has been said that Communism seeks to make
black white and white black. The word anti-Semitic is just one example of such
mis-use and intended opposite meaning, in an effort to attach an ill-sounding
term which should be self-applied, to him or them who are actually quite the
opposite in viewpoint.
It is one purpose of this booklet to bring to the reader accurate Biblical and
historic proof of the error applied in the use of the term anti-Semitic.
It is hoped that much confusion, purposely created as camouflage, will be
clarified in the minds of Christians by the careful reading and study of the
material so excellently presented by the author.


Paperback - 60 pages

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